From Smooovebox to Smooove

Passionate about video as a marketing engagement solution through video, we first created Smooove in 2014 as a velfie capture solution (selfie video) for trade shows, events and corporate events.

Our Smooovebox terminals and our tablets have made it possible to collect thousands of testimonials, pitches and video messages of all kinds, made available to communication and event managers, network coordinators.

Today we make our technology available to everyone, compatible with all the tablets and smartphones's webcam to continue to revolutionize the way we use videos.

Since 2014, we are expert in video
10 000
25 Million

What is a Velfie?

The velfie is a quick, simple and authentic way to give voice to its employees, collaborators and customers as well as to gain visibility by easily sharing them online ...
Today we want to make our velfie capture technologies available to all , wherever they are in the world. In 2020, we are proud to launch the Smooove Recoder, our online velfie capture solution from any webcam.

Bring your community together on video, wherever they are.

The Smooove video allows you to invite a list of participants to register with their webcam and to collect velfies on a given theme.
With Smooovebox and Smooove video, we want to give, bring together and amplify the dissemination of the voice of communities, whether they are entrepreneurial events or family.
We have seen Smooove video being used as a promotional tool by event managers by sharing the velfies of speakers before their presentation.
But Smooove can also be used by bride and groom by offering their guests to record a message for them which can then be broadcast during the ceremony.

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